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by Steve Hartfelder

Furniture modifications and retrofits.  How to upgrade your entertainment cabinet. Furniture modifications:
How to convert your existing entertainment center for a large flat TV

Is your existing wall unit or entertainment center holding you back from upgrading to that stunning new HDTV you've had your eye on? Is your furniture designed for an older projection or tube TV but you'd like to enjoy a new flat panel? It's time to upgrade. And before you commit to throwing out your entertainment center there is a great chance we can retrofit it to accommodate the new TV.
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Munari M60 Small Audio/Visual AV Cabinet for tight spaces Small Audio/Video Cabinets:
Perfect furniture solutions for small, tight, or unique spaces

What do you do when you need to tuck your electronics into a tight space next to your fireplace? What if the only place in the room to organize your gear is a small corner? Would you like to place your electronics in an AV cabinet next to your couch, chair, or loveseat? At Diamond Case Designs, Inc. we offer a host of small audio cabinets perfect for your unique needs.
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Furniture for large center channel speakers thumbnail 220 by 160 Large Center Channel Speakers:
Customized home theater furniture and entertainment centers
to accommodate large, long, and bulky center channel speakers

Quality surround sound systems are built around a center channel speaker. Custom furniture for large center channel speakers.  Small thumbnail.The center speaker is responsible for the majority of dialogue and is arguably the most important speaker in a home cinema. Center speakers are often large, long, or bulky. At Diamond Case Designs, Inc. we offer a host of custom furniture solutions designed for these large speakers.
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Custom Built-In Home Theater and Home Office Systems, Outdoor Televisions and Outdoor Entertainment Popular Home Entertainment Categories:
Custom Built-in Entertainment Centers and Home Office Systems
Outdoor Televisions and Outdoor Entertainment

Over the last year or two a couple of trends have really sky rocketed in popularity: custom built-in entertainment systems (home theater and home office) and outdoor entertainment. We are experts in custom furniture and can design you the perfect home theater or built-in home office. We also have tremendous experience with outdoor TVs and can transform your backyard, patio, or living space into an outdoor sanctuary!
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Triple Play Three TV Home Entertainment System Triple Your Entertainment:
Three TV home entertainment center - A sports lovers dream

Have you ever wanted to watch more than one TV program? Who wins when you and your spouse decide which program to watch? What do you do when multiple sporting events are on at the same time? Let's face it, in many cases one TV is simply not enough satisfy our craving for entertainment. Introducing the Triple Play (TM) the worlds first and only three TV furniture system that is living room, decorator, and spouse friendly!
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High-Capacity Media Storage Drawer Cabinet.  Great for CDs, Blu-Rays, Videos, Video Games. High-Capacity Media Storage Cabinets:
Storage drawers for Blu-rays, DVDs, CDs, and video games

Media storage drawers are one of the best ways to organize your large collection of DVDs, Blu-rays, video games, and CDs. A properly designed media drawer is incredibly efficient and can adjust to organize any size or type of media. When matched with high-quality full-extension drawer slides you can maximize the storage capacity of every drawer. At Diamond Case we have over 20 years of experience in building the most efficient and flexible media storage cabinets available.
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Entertainment Center Ventilation - Wisper Fans and Steel Shelves
Entertainment Center Ventilation:
A real world test of whisper fans and ventilation shelving

We all know heat is the enemy of electronics. Excessive heat build up causes havoc with components and can lead to inconsistent performance or premature failure. At Diamond Case Designs, Inc. we take ventilation seriously. In addition to intelligently designing our furniture we offer whisper fans and ventilated shelving for the best possible air flow. In this article we put the fans and shelves to the test to see just how effective they are in reducing heat build up and promoting air flow.
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Sunbrite Outdoor TVs, Outdoor Entertainment, Outdoor Speakers Outdoor Entertainment:
Outdoor televisions and outdoor speaker systems

For years your backyard has felt neglected, under-utilized, and just generally jealous. It watches painfully as you sit inside listening to music, watching movies, and enjoy family time. All the while the spaciousness and fresh air of your backyard feels as lonely and empty as your patio furniture. Stop the madness. It's time to contact Diamond Case and let us help you choose the perfect outdoor television or outdoor speaker system to bring peace, harmony, and balance to your backyard.
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hot home entertainment technologies and which to look out for Motorized TV Lift Cabinets:
How to select the perfect lift cabinet for your HDTV

Wouldn't it be great if you could easily hide that fantastic new large screen television and enjoy the beauty and styling of your home? A television lift cabinet may be the perfect choice for you. At the touch of a button a lift cabinet can raise or lower your TV providing either quality home theater entertainment or a beautiful room with a hidden TV. While lift cabinets are a hot category choosing the right one can be a challenge. Read this article to learn how to choose the best lift and furniture in the industry.
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hot home entertainment technologies and which to look out for Remote Controlled, Color Changing LED Lights:
Provide a stunning effect and enhance TV viewing by reducing eye fatigue

Our unique remote controlled LED lighting system is an excellent way to enhance your home theater viewing experience. The color changing LED lights are often mounted behind your HDTV or entertainment center furniture. Alternatively, the lights can be mounted inside the wall unit or credenza or even in a display section. These unique lights enhance the look of your TV and help reduce eye fatigue. They are energy efficient, easy to install, and highly functional.
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hot home entertainment technologies and which to look out for Smart TV: How to stream movies and music to your HDTV
A smart TV is the term used to describe a television that is connected to the internet. By connecting your TV to the internet you'll have access to a vast array of movies, music, and television shows that may not be available with your cable or satellite TV provider. This article is the perfect resource to explain Smart TV features, show you exactly what you need, and describe four of the most popular services.
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hot home entertainment technologies and which to look out for What's HOT and What's NOT:
Keep up with changes in home entertainment

"Keeping Up With the Joneses" can be a challenging task, especially when it comes to electronics. Home theater and home electronics are constantly changing and evolving. Thankfully technology doesn't have to pass you by as we are happy to update you on what's hot and what's not. We will even take a quick look at new technologies we feel will have a big impact moving forward. Enjoy!
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