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Furniture Modifications and Retrofits;
Built-In Wall Unit Upgraded for Large Flat Panel TV and High-Performance Sound Bar
by Steve Hartfelder

Modification Details; Before and After

Modify white built-in entertainment center for large flat panel TV and Sonos sound system
Close-up of TV floating on pull-out articulating arm.

Before Modification
The white built-in entertainment center was originally designed for a small tube TV. The customer had placed a small flat panel inside but the screen looked out of place and set recessed within the opening.
The Modification - Part 1
The face of the furniture was modified in preparation of installing a much larger flat panel TV in the entertainment center.

Built-In Furniture Modification, White, Drawings, Step 1

The Modification - Part 2
A back wall and pull-out articulating bracket were mounted inside the furniture. The pull-out bracket allowed a much larger TV to be installed. The thickness of the TV rested on top of the face of the furniture (see side view below).
After Retrofit
The customer was able to enjoy a huge flat panel TV as well as a completely new sound system which fit perfectly below the TV.

Builtin Furniture Modifications, White, Step 2


Side view of furniture modification, TV rests on top of face of furniture Cut-Away Side View of Retrofit
We were able to provide the customer with a much larger TV by utilizing a pull-out articulating bracket and a skinny flat panel TV. The thickness of the TV rested just on top of the face of the furniture as shown. Further, we spaced the modifications in such a way that we had the perfect spot to put a high-performance sound bar directly below the television.

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Get a quote for your furniture retrofit or entertainment center modification

To find out how we can modify your entertainment center or what your retrofit may cost, please send us some basic information

• A couple of digital photographs of the existing furniture
• Basic dimensions of the existing furniture
• The screen size of the TV you'd like to upgrade to

The information can be sent to steve@diamondcase.com. Alternatively, you may call us directly for more information at 800-616-5354. Ask for either Steve or Dave Hartfelder.

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