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Yamaha MusicCast MCX-2000
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Music management for the audiophile, Yamaha's digital music server.
By Steve Hartfelder and Ryan Koskela, Diamond Case Designs, Inc.
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Listening Ear IconShhh. Listen. Can you hear that? Listen closely. There, did you hear it that time? No?

What am I listening for anyway?

Fidelity. Quality. Experience. The way the music was intended to be heard.

Let's face it the music world has been taken over by convenience and portability often at the expense of quality. While I love my iPod as much as the next guy the true beauty of the portable player is its low-cost and highly portable format. I can listen in the car, at work, or on the go. The downside of these portable players lies in the compression of the music. Large file sizes are "squished" or compressed to fit on the small storage capacity of the portable players. This is great to jam a whole bunch of music into your pocket but not so good if you want the highest possible fidelity.

Pile Of A Bunch of CDsYamaha MCX-2000 Can organize up to 1600 uncompressed CDs!While you won't see me pitching my iPod into the rubbish anytime soon, you will see me demand a better solution for home listening. At home, I want to take full advantage of my electronics. I want to enjoy the best possible audio and video experience I can. I want to listen to my CDs in their original uncompressed glory. And I want full access to my entire music collection at the touch of a button without having to get off the couch or use a computer.

With this in mind I'd like to introduce you to a product designed specifically for the high-end home music connoisseur, the Yamaha MusicCast digital music server. To start with, we'd like to compare some of the features between the typical portable player (i.e. iPod) and the MusicCast server.

Apple iPod
Typical iPod/MP3 Player
MusicCast MCX-2000 Digital Music Server

Yamaha MusicCast With Diamond Case 750GB Upgrade

Storage Capacity

iPod Classic: 80-160 GB

Diamond Case's 750 GB MusicCast Server
(up to 900% more capacity than an iPod)

Musical Fidelity


Sound quality is compromised.

Original CD Quality

Huge hard drive size allows CDs to be stored in original linear PCM format without compromising quality.
(User can store files in MP3 format if so desired)

Approximate capacity for uncompressed CDs

N/A - Designed to hold compressed files
With 750 GB hard drive, the MusicCast can hold up to 1600 uncompressed albums in their original CD quality.
(based on an average CD time of 30-35 minutes)

Music Sources

iTunes, CD ripping

• CDs can be ripped from the built-in CD Drive
• Built in FM Radio
• Built in XM Radio (with XM subscription & antenna)
• Internet Radio
• Compressed files can be streamed from a properly connected PC running appropriate software (i.e. WAV, MP3, WMA)

CD burning

MusicCast users can create custom mix CDs from their library of music with the built in CD Burner.

Remote Functionality

Requires purchase of optional dock
Comes with a full-featured IR compatible remote, which can be taught into any IR-compatible universal remote.

Radio Capabilities

Requires purchase of optional adapter
• Built in FM Radio
• Built in XM Radio (with XM subscription & antenna)
• Built in Internet Radio

Whole House Distribution

MusicCast is capable of sharing its entire music library with option clients. You can add up to five wireless clients and ten wired clients.
Basic Playlists
Highly advanced
User can define a near infinite amount of custom playlists. Playlists can contain just about any grouping of artist, songs, albums, genres etc.

When equipped with Diamond Case’s 750-gigabyte hard drive upgrade, the storage capacity of the Yamaha MusicCast is more than quadrupled over the original 160 gigabyte hard drive that comes stock with the MusicCast. This massive amount of storage can hold a staggering 937.5 hours of uncompressed CD-quality music, which is roughly equivalent to 1600 35-minute albums. With such a massive amount of space audiophiles are freed from the constraints of having to compress their music to meet the limitations of a device, such as an iPod, which was not meant for true audiophile listening any way.

MusicCast’s built in CD burner and internet compatibility provide functionality typically only found on a computer. MusicCast quickly rips albums to its hard drive, then instantly identifies album names and songs by connecting to Gracenote CDDB Music Recognition Service.* Wannabe DJ’s can create custom CD mixes from their library of tunes without ever needing to fire up their PC.

Perhaps the most pivotal feature of MusicCast is its whole-house distribution capabilities. MusicCast allows for a music lover’s entire library of music to be heard throughout the home at the highest fidelity. MusicCast can distribute music to up to 15 other locations, including five wireless clients, and each of these locations can listen to their own song independently of the other areas! With this kind of versatility in both audio quality and locality, the MusicCast is virtually peerless as an audio distribution system.**

MusicCast MCX-2000 Front Panel LCD ScreenConsidering all that the MusicCast can do, it’s comforting to know that it was built with your convenience in mind. MusicCast features a highly informative on-TV-screen graphical user interface letting you browse through your library and select options with your remote. The remote’s IR commands can be taught into any IR compatible universal remote. Additionally, MusicCast's front panel features a LCD screen letting you know exactly what’s being played even if you’ve turned your TV off.

The Yamaha MusicCast redefines the home audio enjoyment experience much the same way the iPod revolutionized audio on the go. The MusicCast brilliantly marries the concepts of high-fidelity audio, centralized digital music libraries, and whole house networking together in way no other product can. The MusicCast lets you leave your iPod charging for the road while you enjoy sonic bliss at home!

MusicCast MCX-2000 Features/Functions

Sounds great but I have more questions?

If you have questions please call Steve or Dave at 800-616-5354.
In addition, you can reach Steve by e-mail at

I'm sold, how do I buy one?

We are a fully authorized MusicCast dealer. You can order by phone at 800-616-5354.

We offer an exclusive MusicCast bundle that includes the Yamaha MCX-2000 digital music server which has been fully upgraded with a 750GB hard drive. Our highly experienced technicians install the huge hard drive, update your MCX-2000 to the latest system software available, and personally test the operation of the system. The server will then be re-packaged in the original factory carton for a fully insured shipment to you.

Because we are a fully authorized dealer you will have complete warranty coverage from Yamaha.

Standard price for MCX-2000 with huge hard drive, upgraded system software, and testing from an authorized technician is $2699.

Your cost for this exclusive MCX-2000 is $1999.

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*An internet connection is needed for proper CD recognition.
** When steaming music to clients one remote location can be selected to playback the uncompressed music files (original CD quality). The other locations will playback a compressed MP3 version of the song.

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