Custom Built-In Corner Wall Unit (BIC-8)

This built-in home entertainment wall unit was tucked into the corner and integrated lighted display space, a flat panel TV, and a complete audio/video system.  The electronic components were hidden behind wood door yet fully operation through the use of a radio frequency remote control.  As needed, we offer thermostatically controlled fans to keep the electronics ventilated.

The TV was mounted to a pull-out articulating bracket so it could be easily rotated for viewing or moved for access to wiring or accessories behind the TV.  The upper display section featured a decorative arch along with a pair of detailed carvings.  Each of the doors on the lower portion of the furniture had a soft arch (to compliment the display area) and a decorative on-laid molding for style and flair.

For more information, a complimentary estimate, or to customize a system to your space please call a Diamond Case specialist or fill out a Custom Cabinet Worksheet.