Five Drawer Media Storage Cabinet (CMD-3537)

An avid movie buff and collector this customer had a huge collection of blu-rays and tasked us with organizing them.   The five drawer CMD-3537 was the ideal solution to provide the needed high-capacity/efficient media storage.  Each media cabinet featured full-extension drawers, adjustable row dividers, and our exclusive back stop clips.  We expertly crafted three cabinets from oak finishing the outside two in a darker color while the middle unit was finished in a medium color.  A clever finishing touch was added by choosing film reel knobs.  As shown, each cabinet is approximately 35″ Wide x 37″ High x 18″ Deep.

Please keep in mind all of our media drawer cabinets are made-to-order meaning we will tailor the overall dimensions, number of drawers, and layout of the furniture to best suit your needs.  Please call a Diamond Case specialist for assistance in organizing your collection.