Modern Media Drawer and Electronics Cabinet (CMD-7132)

An integrated solution, the CMD-7132 offered organization for a huge media collection as well as a sophisticated system of audio/video components.  The media credenza featured eight full-extension drawers outfitted with our adjustable row dividers and back stop clips.  A complete home theater system was housed in the audio/video cabinet on a series of height-adjustable shelves.  This TV stand used our exclusive steel perforated shelves for superior air flow and ventilation (thermostatically controlled whisper fans are also available).

These drawers were wide enough to accommodate six rows of CDs side-by-side (or could be adjusted for DVDs, Blu-Rays, video games, etc.)  Keep in mind each furniture system is made-to-order so we will customize the dimensions, layout, and style of the furniture to best fit your needs and look great in your home.

For a complimentary estimate please call a Diamond Case specialist.  When you call, please have approximate dimensions of the space you have in mind along with rough estimates of the storage capacity you are looking for.