Large Screen TV Lift (P7440)

The Phoenix P7440 motorized TV lift is designed to accommodate an entire home theater or home entertainment system.  The television is conveniently tucked into the system and rides on a motorized lift mechanism so it can be raised or lowered at the touch of a button.  Just in front of the TV is a speaker cloth panel providing the perfect spot for a center channel speaker or sound bar.  Below the speaker cloth panel is a series of three raised wood panel doors which can opened to reveal a series of adjustable shelves.  The adjustable shelves provide generous storage for media (CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays, video games, etc.) or general items such as cables, manuals, remotes, and accessories.

The electronics where hidden behind a smoke glass door.  The glass door darkens cabinet interior to conceal cords and cables while allowing remote control signals to pass through.  Finally, a second speaker cloth panel was crafted so a small subwoofer could be tucked into the furniture.

For more information, a complimentary estimate, or to customize a system to your space please call a Diamond Case specialist or fill out a Custom Cabinet Worksheet.