Motorized TV Lift (Phoenix P6932)

The Phoenix P6932 is a model of efficiency.  This motorized TV lift was designed to organize an entire home entertainment center including the TV, a sound bar (or center channel speaker), and a complete selection of audio/video components.  The furniture even provided organization for media (CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, etc.) and/or small accessories behind a pair of wood doors.

The upper horizontal door panel was outfitted with a specialized speaker cloth making it the ideal spot for a home theater sound bar or center speaker.  A smoke glass door concealed a series of adjustable shelves perfect for electronics such as a cable or satellite box, DVD player, streaming player, amplifier, surge suppressor, or any other component.

All Phoenix TV lifts are motorized so the TV can smoothly be raised for viewing or lowered for concealment.

For more information, a complimentary estimate, or to customize a system to your space please call a Diamond Case specialist or fill out a Custom Cabinet Worksheet.

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