Furniture Retrofit – Built-in Home Theater (FR-9)

This modification is a great example of a common scenario we come across.  When you look at the before photograph you’ll see the entertainment center was built so tightly to a single TV that changing the TV or upgrading it was next to impossible.  The customer wanted to keep the furniture but wanted a new, larger flat panel TV.  To solve the problem we created a new structural back wall that was secured into the furniture and provided the ideal foundation to mount a new large flat panel TV.  There was a small amount of left over space above and below the TV so we created a pair of custom trip strips to complete the look and clean and built-in appeal.

To find out how we can modify your entertainment center or what your retrofit may cost, please contact a Diamond Case specialist with the following information.

• A couple of digital photographs of the existing furniture

• Basic dimensions of the existing furniture

• The screen size of the TV you’d like to upgrade to

You mail the information to or call 800-616-5354.