Turntable/Stereo TV Stand (CC-9143)

The CC-9143 is an excellent example of a fine furniture system tailored to organized an audio system; no TV was involved.  The electronic set-up centered around a turntable and a pair of high performance speakers optimized for in-furniture use.  The audio system was rounded out with a stereo amplifier (with streaming functionality) and a CD player.  A huge collection of LP records and CDs were organized in the furniture behind the the wood doors and full-extension drawers respectively.

To ensure easy loading of records the turntable rode on a pull-out shelf that smoothly rolled in or out of the furniture.  To add style and a definite cool factor a system of remote controlled LED lights was installed illuminating the electronic components.  At the press of a button the lights could be turned on/off, colors changes, and dimmed/brightened.  The customer wanted the flexibility of placing items on top of the furniture that may require power such as lamps, clocks, remote control chargers, or other accessories.  As you’ll see in one of the images we installed a pop-up power outlet specifically for this purpose.  This pop-up outlet ensured power was always handy without having to route cables or extension cords; convenient.

As shown the the furniture was approximately 91″ wide x 43″ high, but please keep in mind all of our TV stands and credenzas are made-to-order.  We will be happy to customize the dimensions, layout, and features to best suit your needs.  This credenza would also be perfect for use with a large flat panel TV which could other rest on top of the furniture or be wall mounted above.

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