Bi-Fold Door Entertainment Wall Unit (CWU-8)

While we all enjoy a great TV show or movie sometimes preferable to hide the TV when it’s not in use; the CWU-8 wall unit is an excellent solution.  This entertainment center is equipment with a unique set of bi-fold pocket doors to conceal a large screen UHD TV.  When it’s time to watch TV, enjoy a movie, or stream a program from NetFlix, Amazon, Hulu, or your other favorite service simply open up the doors, fold them in half, and then slide them back into the furniture.  When the entertainment is over the doors simply pull forward, open up, and close to hide the television; an elegant and clean solution.

The CWU-8 was characterized with a traditional style featuring a detailed crown molding, decorative applied moldings, and a louvered door design.  Two open bookcases were provided to showcase display items and other curio pieces.  The electronics were hidden behind the lower wood doors yet fully operational through the use of a radio frequency (RF) remote control.  You did not need to open up the doors to control the electronics.

Built in your choice of wood, color, and style.

Each system is made-to-order and can accommodate all sizes of TVs.  For more information, a complimentary estimate, or to customize a system to your space please call a Diamond Case specialist or fill out a Custom Cabinet Worksheet.