Traditional Entertainment/Display Wall (CWU-3)

The CWU-3 Wall Unit organizes a complete home entertainment system while proudly displaying your favorite special items and display pieces.  The furniture is characterized with a beautiful traditional style with a detailed crown molding, fluted face frames, raised panel doors, and a complimentary base molding.  A special LED lighting system was installed to illuminate the display items resting on the adjustable glass shelves.  The lighting system is fully remote controllable!  At the press of a button you can turn the lights on or off, dim or brighten them, or even change colors.  Several different standard colors of light are available including white, red, greed, blue, and yellow.

The flat panel ultra HD TV was mounted to a pull-out bracket, it could be drawn forward and rotated left or right to improve the viewing angle or provide easy access to the back for wiring, connections, or additions.  The home theater electronics were stored behind the raised panel wood doors below the TV.  Full remote control functionality was provided through the use of a radio frequency (RF) remote control, meaning the audio/video gear could be fully operated without the need to open up the wood doors.  The CWU-3 Wall unit also housed the front left, center, and right channel speakers as well as a subwoofer behind our specialized black speaker cloth.

The entire wall unit can be built on an optional concealed caster (wheel system).  When installed the wheels allow the furniture to be quickly and easily rolled away from the wall where the back panels are screwed on for easy removal.  The electronics can be loaded, wired, and organized from the back side for clean and simple installations.  Optional thermostatically controlled whisper fans and surge suppressors are also available.

The furniture is built in your choice of wood, color, and style.

Each system is made-to-order and can accommodate all sizes of TVs.  For more information, a complimentary estimate, or to customize a system to your space please call a Diamond Case specialist or fill out a Custom Cabinet Worksheet.