Wall Unit and Media Drawer Cabinet (CWU-9)

The CWU-9 is the ideal integration of a home theater entertainment center and a high-capacity media drawer unit.  The heart of the furniture housed a large flat panel TV mounted to an articulating wall bracket.  The audio cabinets on each side of the TV provided ample storage for a large compliment of audio/video gear along with the left, center and right channel speakers.  The subwoofer was tucked behind a speaker cloth door below the TV.

In addition to organizing a serious home theater system the CWU-9 was a super high capacity media storage cabinet.  The furniture employed a series of full-extension drawers outfitted with adjustable row dividers to efficiently organize a huge collection of CDs, DVDs, VHS, and Blu-rays.  Because the drawers were adjustable they could be changed to hold different types/sizes of media as the collection changed or grew.  If you are looking for strictly a media drawer cabinet, not an integrated wall unit, feel free to check out our collection of media drawer cabinets (click here).

A stately traditional look was provided through a intricate crown molding, fluted face frames, and matching raised panel door and drawer fronts.

Built in your choice of wood, color, and style.

Each system is made-to-order and can accommodate all sizes of TVs.  For more information, a complimentary estimate, or to customize a system to your space please call a Diamond Case specialist or fill out a Custom Cabinet Worksheet.