Custom Media Drawer and Electronics Cabinet (CMD-8242)

The CMD-8242 served a dual purpose of organizing a huge media collection while providing a great home for some audio/visual gear.  Eleven high-capacity storage drawers were outfitted with our adjustable row dividers to accommodate CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays, or any type of media.  A pair of louver styled doors concealed a couple of adjustable shelves and the customers electronics.  Full remote control functionality is maintained through the use of a infrared repeater or radio frequency remote control (even while the wood doors remain closed).  The back panel was removable and ventilation cut-outs provided.

All drawers rode on full-extension drawer slides and came outfitted with our adjustable row dividers and exclusive back stop clips (to keep incomplete rows of media standing upright).

Each media drawer cabinet is made-to-order.  We will customize the dimensions, layout, and style of the furniture to provide incredibly efficient storage while looking great in your home.

For a complimentary estimate please call a Diamond Case specialist.  When you call, please have approximate dimensions of the space you have in mind along with rough estimates of the storage capacity you are looking for.