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655 N. Shepard St. Anaheim, CA 92806
Outdoor TV in patio cover, sunbrite, mounted to stone

Outdoor TVs and Speaker Systems

by Steve Hartfelder

For years your backyard has felt neglected, under-utilized, and just generally jealous. It watches painfully as you sit inside listening to music, watching movies, and enjoying family time. All the while the spaciousness and fresh air of your backyard feels as lonely and empty as your patio furniture.

It’s time to stop the madness and extend your entertainment beyond your walls. Take a step outside and give your yard the treatment it deserves. Draw in a breath of fresh air while you relax and listen to your favorite music. Or kick up your feet and watch your favorite movie.

You need this as much as your backyard does. Lucky for you, your friends at Diamond Case Designs, Inc. will help you choose the perfect outdoor television or outdoor speakers to bring peace, harmony, and balance to your backyard.

Outdoor TV Installation Examples:

Motorized Outdoor TV lift with Swivel, Stucco and Faux brick construction
We custom manufactured a stucco enclosure and faux brick lid for this Diamond Case exclusive outdoor TV lift. The entertainment was provided by a Sunbrite outdoor TV and sound bar. The electronics were organized inside the clients home and controlled through a radio frequency remote.
Sunbrite Outdoor TV in custom stucco TV lift with swivel
We engineered this outdoor TV lift with a swivel mechanism, the customer was able to angle the TV towards the different areas of the backyard ensuring they always had the best seat in the house.
Outdoor TV Lift in composite decking next to Pool and spa
This was a really cool installation. We engineered a custom Diamond Case outdoor TV lift to rest on a narrow stone foundation next to the customers pool and spa equipment. This lift was the perfect solution to provide killer outdoor entertainment while simultaneously helping conceal the pool equipment. The furniture was built in a specialized composite outdoor decking material for longevity, quality, and weather resistance.
Composite decking outdoor TV lift installed next to pool and spa
At the touch of a button the TV could be lowered into the specialized outdoor TV lift. In addition to an amazing high resolution TV we provided an outdoor audio system, if you look closely you’ll see a pair of rock speakers. The audio system served double duty; it provided dramatically improved sound for TV and streaming (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc.) but it was also a Sonos wireless music system. The customer was able to select and enjoy music from their smart phone or tablet whether the TV was raised or lowered.
Custom cover for Phoenix outdoor TV lift in composite outdoor decking
To help preserve and protect the custom outdoor TV lift we manufactured an outdoor cover. The cover was made from heavy duty weather resistant material, similar to what is used to conceal high end patio furniture. The cover would be put in place when the customer didn’t plan to use the outdoor TV lift for a while. The color of the outdoor cover is can be customized to match your backyard decor.
Outdoor TV in patio cover, sunbrite, mounted to stone
Here we see specialized Sunbrite outdoor television mounted under the customers patio cover. The Sunbrite TV was part of a complete outdoor entertainment system including a couple of zones of audio. The electronics were kept inside the home while the system was operated via a radio frequency remote control.
Closeup of Backyard TV Installation
A closeup view of the specialized Sunbrite outdoor TV. The TV was mounted to a pull-out articulating bracket in the case access to the back of the TV was needed. Sunbrite TVs are designed for outdoor use and are resistant to the elements.
Outdoor wood TV lift to compliment BBQ details
This is a custom Diamond Case Designs Phoenix outdoor TV lift. The furniture was designed and engineered to compliment the customers BBQ in size and style. The furniture organized a specialized Sunbrite outdoor TV which could be raised or lowered at the touch of a button. The electronics were organized below the TV behind a small set of wood doors. A radio frequency remote control was provided so the electronics could be operated without having to open up the doors.
Wood outdoor TV lift, raised view.  Sunbrite TV.
Outdoor TV lifts are an excellent way to organize and protect your TV. At the touch of a button you can raise your TV from the furniture where it will proudly provide your entertainment. After you’ve enjoyed the television simply press a button and the TV will be smoothly lowered into the furniture.
Outdoor TV Mounted to Pole, Sunbrite
For this installation we used a specialized outdoor TV by Sunbrite. For proper viewing the customer wanted the TV on the fence line across from the house. We ran the appropriate cables underground, securely mounted a specialized pole designed just for the TV, and installed the weather resistent oudoor television.

Outdoor Televisions

When looking to put a television in your backyard, patio, or outdoor living area, we are often asked if a regular indoor television can be used outdoors. Generally speaking this is not a good idea. Standard televisions are not designed to withstand the moisture, heat, dust, and insects that can be found outside. Mounting the TV under a patio cover or using a fabric cover will only delay the inevitable. Eventually an indoor TV will fail if used outdoors (see inset photo).

The connections on this standard television were ruined by outdoor use. For proper performance and longevity a specialized television should be used in outdoor living areas.

Aside from the longevity concerns, indoor TVs are generally not bright enough for outdoor use. Many TVs will look washed out or weak during daytime viewing.

The best choice is to choose a television specifically designed for outdoor use. These specialized TVs provide amazing brightness and are designed specifically to resist the damaging effects of moisture, salt, dust, heat, cold, humidity, and glare. The televisions will look better and physically last longer than any of their indoor counterparts. In fact, outdoor TVs are built so well generally are backed by superior warranties than their indoor counterparts. Inquire for details based on the model we choose.

We offer a complete lineup of outdoor TVs suitable for just about any environment. Popular brands include the Sunbrite outdoor TVs as well as the Samsung Terrace lineup. Sizes range from 22″ to 85″. To find out which model is best for your home just give Steve or Dave Hartfelder a buzz at 800-616-5354.

Outdoor Speakers

Enjoy your favorite tunes, listen in on the local sports team, or simply relax with some soothing music. Outdoor speakers are the perfect way to add enjoyment and entertainment to your backyard or patio.

Outdoor speakers generally come in two flavors; wall mounted or rock speakers. Wall mounted speakers are typically secured to the side of the house, while rock speakers can be placed just about anywhere in your yard. Color options are available to help the speakers blend with your home.

Simple! Control your speakers via iPad, phone, or tablet.

New technology has made listening to music outside easier than ever. In the past listening to music outside was inconvenient. You would physically go inside, turn on the stereo, activate the outdoor speakers, select the desired music and return outside. Changing songs or music required another trip inside. Changing volume meant walking to a volume control or going inside yet again. This inconvenience often left outdoor speakers unused.

Today it is possible to have complete control of your speakers by using your iPad, smart phone, tablet, or computer. You probably already have one or more of these devices with you in the backyard. To operate the speakers simply tap an icon and a musical universe will await.

You will have complete control to select songs, change radio stations, listen to your iTunes library, and adjust volume. You can access radio stations from all over the world or choose a music service such as Pandora, Rhapsody, or Sirius. All of this control from the comfort of your chair or lounger without having to get up, that’s convenient!

We can upgrade most existing systems to enjoy these features or help you install a completely new one. To find out what is best for you just call Dave or I at 800-616-5354.

Control your outdoor speakers with your iPad, phone, or tablet. It’s easy to select music, change stations, and adjust volume all without having to get out of your chair. That’s cool!

Outdoor Speaker Installation Examples:

This is a Paradigm outdoor rock speaker. In this installation we installed four outdoor speakers along the length of the customers backyard. One pair serves a BBQ and seating area while the second serves a pool side / lounger area.
Here we see an example of a pair of wall mounted outdoor speakers. These speakers typically are available in white or black and include brackets that allow the speakers to be properly angled towards the seating area.

Conclusion / More Information

Once we have helped you spruce up your backyard with a new outdoor TV or set of outdoor speakers you’ll start to notice some changes. You may uncontrollably smile as you step outside. Your grass will look a little greener, weeds will disappear, and flowers will be in continual bloom. Don’t you deserve this happiness?

For more information please call Dave or I (Dave Hartfelder or Steve Hartfelder) at 714-630-8100 or 800-616-5354. Whether you are local or out-of-state, we will help you choose just the right products for your outdoor entertainment needs.

Post Author: Steve Hartfelder

Steve Hartfelder co-owns Diamond Case Designs, Inc. with his brother Dave. Since 1991 they have specialized in providing fine home theater furniture and electronic solutions.