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655 N. Shepard St. Anaheim, CA 92806
Ten drawer high capacity CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray media cabinet in Theater-Tech Style

High-Capacity Media Storage Drawer Cabinets – Part 1

Even with the popularity of media streaming through services such as Netflix and Amazon many of us still prefer having a physical collection of DVDs, Blu-rays, CDs, and Video games.

Physical media titles have a number of key advantages including better audio/video quality, special features/bonuses, and no time or viewing restrictions. Real movies and music titles do not sputter or hiccup with inconsistent or slow internet connections like their streaming counterparts. And it is cool to be able to introduce your friends or family to a great movie or awesome new band by letting them borrow your favorite DVD, Blu-ray, or CD.

For many of us the problem is not building the media collection, it is how to organize it! Thankfully at Diamond Case we offer an awesome drawer system centered around full-extension drawer slides, adjustable row dividers, and convenient backstop clips.

At Diamond Case Designs, Inc. we offer the finest media storage cabinets in the industry. All custom drawers ride on full-extension drawer slides, feature adjustable row dividers, and our exclusive backstop clips. You enjoy flexible and efficient media storage.


Organize Your Entertainment; Media Storage Cabinets with Drawers

Media storage drawers are one of the best ways to organize your large collection of DVDs, Blu-rays, video games, and CDs. A properly designed media drawer is incredibly efficient and can adjust to organize any size or type of media you’d like to place inside. When matched with a high-quality full-extension drawer slide you can maximize the storage capacity of every inch of your drawer.

At Diamond Case Designs, Inc. we have over twenty years of experience in building beautiful media storage cabinets outfitted with high-capacity drawers that are flexible and efficient.

Key Features of our High-Capacity Media Storage Drawers

Each media storage drawer comes with dividers which separate the drawer into convenient rows. Since the dividers are infinitely adjustable, they can be slid to fit media of any size.
Full-extension drawer slides ensure maximum storage capacity in each media cabinet by providing access to the entire depth of the drawer
Special backstop clips conveniently attach to the row dividers to keep incomplete rows of media standing upright helping ensure a neat and tidy media drawer.

Examples of Media Storage Cabinets with High-Capacity Drawers


This is an eight drawer media cabinet shown in our Evolution style (indicative of the Mission/Shaker) look. This particularly example employed an optional system of casters (wheels) concealed behind the base moldings of the furniture. The wheels provided key mobility allowing the customer to position and move the furniture as needed. Photo reference MS-1.

Here we have a ten drawer solution, the lower eight drawers were intended for media storage and featured our standard full-extension slides, adjustable row dividers, and exclusive backstop clips. The upper two drawers were half height and desired to organize accessories such as batteries, remotes, manuals, cables, or other general items. Photo reference MS-2.

This media cabinet served double duty as a TV stand and a high-capacity storage drawer system. The television was destined to rest on top of the furniture while the open section was he perfect spot for a couple of components such as a cable or satellite box and DVD player. Photo reference MS-3.

This customer exceeded the storage provided above their TV so we engineered the custom four drawer media cabinet to tuck below. The furniture included four full-extension raided panel drawers to provide a huge amount of storage for CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays. Photo reference MS-4.

This is another great example of a dual purpose media drawer credenza. The center of the furniture was dedicated to the customers electronics which were tucked behind a pair of smoke glass doors. The smoke glass allows remote control signals to travel through but darkens the interior to help conceal cords and cables and provide a clean look. Each outside section was outfitted with four full-extension drawers and our unique adjustable row dividers and backstop clips. This credenza is shown in our 2000 style characterized by smooth bull nose crown and base moldings and clean recessed panel drawer and door fronts. Photo reference MS-5.

This cabinet was designed to organize a huge CD collection. Built in our Theater-Tech style (with hints of a mid century modern look) it provided four full-extension storage drawers each one of which was capable of organizing six rows of CDs. The row dividers were fully adjustable so the customer could also accommodate their video game collection and a modest number of vintage VHS tapes. Extra thick drawer bottoms were engineered to accommodate the weight of the large collection. Photo reference MS-6.

We built a pair of these media storage cabinets for a customer who ordered one of our Castleton Credenza home theater cabinets. Each four drawer cabinet was designed to flank his seating area and double as end tables. All drawers were on our full-extension ball bearing drawer slides and came complete with our adjustable row dividers and backstop clips. A very unique feature of these media cabinets were the removable vertical face frames. The customer had some narrow wood panel and storage items he wanted to keep with his home theater equipment, as you can see in the right image we designed a removable face to provide the perfect narrow storage space in each cabinet. Photo reference MS-7.

This is a great example of a complete home theater and media storage ensemble. We designed and engineered the entertainment wall unit to organize a serious home theater system centered around an 82″ flat panel TV and surround sound system. This customer had an enormous DVD collection so we built two matching media storage cabinets, a twelve drawer unit along the right/facing wall and a six drawer unit behind the couch which doubled as a foundation for the rear channel speakers and acted as a sofa table. Photo reference MS-8.

Here you see a close-up of the twelve drawer media cabinet designed for DVDs. Each drawer was able to organize four rows of DVDs side by side. Photo reference MS-9.

A close up view of the raised wood panel DVD storage drawers. Each drawer utilized full-extension ball bearing drawer slides and our super cool adjustable row dividers and backstop clips. Photo reference MS-10.

Here is a five drawer media storage cabinet that was custom made to tuck into an alcove next to the customers fireplace. Photo reference MS-11.

Here we have a pair of seven drawer vertically configured media storage cabinets. While each drawer was fully adjustable with our movable row dividers these cabinets were primarily used to organize a massive DVD and Blu-ray collection. Photo reference MS-12.

Similar to the previous photograph we have a pair of black media storage drawer cabinets, each one outfitted with seven drawers and primarily intended for DVD and Blu-ray storage. Photo reference MS-13.

Internal Media Drawers, Spinners, Pull-Out Columns and Adjustable Shelves

This is our Palatino M-21 Audio Cabinet completely configured with media storage drawers. The upper section of the audio cabinet featured a smoke glass door and five internal storage drawers. The lower section of the furniture featured two external media drawers. This audio cabinet is very flexible and could be used in pairs with one cabinet designed for electronics and the other media. Photo reference MS-14.

Some customers prefer the look of doors to drawers, no problem, we offer internal drawers. This cabinet was outfitted with eight internal media drawers that were tucked behind a pair of wood swing doors. When the customer wanted to access his media collection he simply opened up the door to access the drawers. This examples is shown in our Evolution furniture style which takes inspiration for the Shaker and Mission furniture families. Photo reference MS-15.

As seen here some spaces are very tight and simply would not accommodate a traditiona media drawer abinet, again no problem, we offer custom spinners. For this client we ended up building a pair of matching spinners that were put in the corners of his room. The furniture could easily be rotated 360 degrees and provided four sides of access. The shelves on each side were adjustable so you could accommodate difference sizes of media. Photo reference MS-16.

Another way we can integrate media storage is with vertical pull-outs. These pull-out are typically integrated into our custom entertainment centers and built-in wall units when we are left with a relatively narrow amount of space to work with. Photo reference MS-17.

Here is another example of a cabinet designed to organize the media behind doors (instead of drawers). This particular cabinet was engineered to match one of our Evolution E87 credenzas and was used just to the side of the customers TV system (you can see the Evolution E87 TV stand on the side of the right/facing picture). This cabinet featured a series of height-adjustable wood shelves and was primarily intended for CDs but the shelves could be moved for DVDs, Blu-rays, or video games.

Media storage drawer furniture is a very popular category for us, as a result I’ve created a following to this article with additional examples, click here to see Part 2.

More Information / Free Estimates

For more information or a complimentary estimate please call Steve or Dave Hartfelder at 714-630-8100 or 800-616-5354. We have been building fine home theater furniture and custom media storage cabinets for over thirty years! We are family owned and operated and will be happy to help you find the ideal solution.

Each of our media cabinets is made-to-order this allows us to customize the overall size, layout, number of drawers, and capacity to best suit your space and your needs. To help us provide you with a timely and accurate estimate please have a rough estimate of the wall space you have available along with the storage capacity you have in mind. We look forward to talking with you soon!


Post Author: Steve Hartfelder

Steve Hartfelder co-owns Diamond Case Designs, Inc. with his brother Dave. Since 1991 they have specialized in providing fine home theater furniture and electronic solutions.