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655 N. Shepard St. Anaheim, CA 92806
Custom Built-In Entertainment Center for a Large Center Speaker

Furniture for Large Center Speakers
(Or large sound bars)

A big center channel speaker (or sound bar) is no problem in our
specialized home theater furniture. Organize your large center
speaker in a customized TV stand, wall unit, or entertainment center.
by Steve Hartfelder

My family recently saw Rouge One: A Star Wars Story. I was so entranced in the film, it was over before I knew it. As we walked out of the theater we talked excitedly about what we had just seen. My wife asked which film I liked better, Rouge One or The Force Awakens? I immediately answered Rouge One. Her next question, “Why?”, got me thinking.

We saw The Force Awakens at the local cinema and I distinctly remember being disappointed in the theaters sound. The movie felt “flat” as the mediocre sound system simply didn’t match the action on screen.

In contrast, we saw Rouge One in a new theater with an advanced surround system. The audio was stunning, taking a visual spectacle and turning it into a multi-sensory experience.

Movie enthusiasts, like me, look to replicate that experience in the home. Often attention is focused on a big TV, but a truly great home cinema also needs fantastic sound.

Premium surround sound systems are built around a center channel speaker. The center speaker is designed to go above or below the television and is responsible for producing the majority of the dialogue. It can easily be argued that the center channel speaker is the most important speaker in the surround system. As such, they are often large, long, or bulky and difficult to fit in furniture.

At Diamond Case Designs, Inc. we offer a number of custom entertainment centers, television stands, TV credenzas, and wall units designed specifically to organize these big and bulky center channel speakers.

As you check out the portfolio below keep in mind each solution is made-to-order. We realize center speakers vary dramatically in height, width, and depth so we customize the dimensions of our solutions to ensure a perfect fit for your large center speaker.

Gallery of TV Stands, Credenzas, and Entertainment Centers for Large Center Speakers

This is our Theater-Tech TT-400 TV credenza shown in a custom black color. The large center speaker is hidden
behind the speaker cloth door in the middle of the TV stand.
If you need to organize your big center speaker below a projection screen a custom entertainment center
is the perfect solution. This home theater was part of a killer Dolby Atmos surround sound system. We
organized the big center speaker along with the left and right channels inside the furniture while the
remaining channels were either on the wall or in the ceiling. It sounded absolutely amazing!
This is another great example of a custom TV stand designed to organize a large center speaker under
a projection screen. In this case, the TV stand housed the speaker, electronics, and featured a full-extension
storage drawer for remote controls and accessories.
This is a customized variation of our Castleton Credenza. The customer housed their long and large center speaker
behind the removable speaker cloth panel. The electronics were hidden behind the wood doors and operated
via a radio frequency remote control (it was not necessary to open the doors to control the electronics).
Big center channel speakers are often beautiful and deserve to be seen as well as heard. You can choose to
proudly display your large speaker or discretely conceal it behind specialized grill cloth.
Built-in furniture systems are also a great place to organize large speakers. In this example we housed a very
long center speaker along with the left and right channels.
This was a cool project from the stand point it was designed to organize a large center speaker, two side speakers,
and a built-in electric fireplace. The cherry entertainment center also featured bead board style doors, a decorative
dentil style crown molding, and cool Roman columns on the face frames.
This is a customized version of our Castleton Credenza designed to accommodate a large center speaker as well
as a subwoofer. The furniture also held the customers electronics while providing some media storage and
general storage.

Did you know many center channel speakers can be used horizontally or vertically? If you are tight on space yet want to conceal your long center speaker inside a beautiful furniture system consider positioning it vertically.

This is our Evolution E60-O Wall Unit. A large center speaker was vertically oriented behind the center speaker cloth
door. A pair of huge left and right channel speakers flanked each side of the furniture. An infrared
repeater allowed the electronics to work perfectly behind the closed wood doors
This is our Evolution E87-T TV Stand. This credenza is perfect to accommodate a tall center speaker vertically as well
as a complete home entertainment system. The outside sections can be configured for the left and right speakers,
general storage, or media storage.
This is our Evolution E87-C Wall Unit. This entertainment center is ideal to accommodate a complete home theater
including a center speaker, side speakers, subwoofer, electronics, and even a media collection. The electronics
in this example were hidden behind wood doors but are fully functional with a special radio frequency remote control.
In this example we see our Evolution E87 credenza tucked underneath a projection screen. All three front speakers
were configured vertically including the center speaker, this allowed us to fit the complete surround system and
electronics in the limited space we had to work with.

Will My Center Speaker Fit? What Do They Cost?

Each and every example illustrated above is made-to-order, we will customize the dimensions of the furniture to ensure a perfect fit for your speakers. Because each furniture system is customized, the pricing will vary based on the final design. If you would like to receive a free quote please fill out a custom cabinet worksheet or provide us with some basic information:

• A list of the electronics you’d like to organize inside the furniture
• Basic dimensions of your speakers
• A general idea of the furniture layout or configuration you are interested in
• Optional: A picture or two of the room where you plan to place the furniture

For more information, personalized recommendations, or answers to your questions please:

• Call toll-free: 800-616-5354

Post Author: Steve Hartfelder

Steve Hartfelder co-owns Diamond Case Designs, Inc. with his brother Dave. Since 1991 they have specialized in providing fine home theater furniture and electronic solutions.