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655 N. Shepard St. Anaheim, CA 92806
655 N. Shepard St. Anaheim, CA 92806
Munari M-60 Small Black Audio Cabinet

Small Audio Cabinets / Equipment Cabinets

Sometimes the best solution is the smallest. Check out our selection of
of fully customizable small audio cabinets. While small in size these
racks are packed with features to make the set-up and organization
of your electronics and components a breeze.
by Steve Hartfelder

With home theater generally speaking bigger is better. Bigger televisions look amazing and provide a true cinema experience. Bigger speakers offer jaw dropping sound and pull us into the action. Killer home entertainment is often defined by size, large size.

With furniture, however, bigger is not always better. What do you do when you when you need to tuck your electronics into that small space next to the fireplace? Or the only place available in your room is a tight corner? What if you’d like to organize your gear beside your couch, chair, or loveseat and have the furniture double as a side table?

While we appreciate a big home theater experience we also understand sometimes the best furniture solution is small.


At Diamond Case Designs, Inc. we offer a host of small audio cabinets perfect to be used next to fireplaces, in corners, or beside your couch. While our solutions may be petite in stature they are big on quality. Each unit is crafted with skill and pride to include the features and functionality we are known for.

Please take a moment to review the portfolio below showcasing several small audio cabinets, equipment cabinets, and audio/video stands.

Gallery of small A/V Cabinets, Equipment Racks, and Furniture Stands

This small audio cabinet was an excellent equipment rack to organize the DirecTV box, blu-ray DVD player, and
video game system. It was placed to the right side of the fireplace and concealed the electronics behind a
pair of closed wood doors. The remote control signals worked perfectly (without having to open up the doors)
through the use of a radio frequency remote. The audio/visual cabinet featured a traditional style with a nice crown
molding, fluted face frames, and raised panel door and drawer fronts. The stand was completed with a beautiful
black rubbed finish (see below for close-up photograph).
Here is a close-up view of the black rubbed finish of the small audio equipment cabinet. The full-extension
drawer was used to organize remote controls, batteries, cables, manuals, and other accessories.
This narrow audio stand was placed on the opposite side of the fireplace and was used to organize
additional accessories and spare electronics. In addition
 the customer would organize their keys,
wallets, and smart devices in the storage drawer. A hidden pop-up power and charging outlet
was placed on the top of the furniture; the perfect way to charge phones, tablets, and smart watches.
A really cool pop-up power center was provided to offer the ideal place to charge smart phones, tablets, and
smart watches. Simply press down and the outlet would pop-up to reveal two USB ports as well as a
standard AC outlet.
Here we have a modern and sleek look for a small AV equipment cabinet. The upper section of the furniture
featured a frameless smoke glass door while the lower section had a full-extension pull-out accessory drawer. The
drawer was a great spot to organize cables, remote controls, manuals, batteries, and any other accessories. Behind the
smoke glass door was an adjustable steel perforated shelf for superior air flow and ventilation. Depending on the
electronics you plan to organize inside your audio rack, you may consider adding optional ventilated shelves or fans,
for more information click here.
For this installation we constructed a cool modern floating top audio cabinet and placed it in the corner next to the
couch. The wood and color of the equipment rack was designed to match the look and style of the mantle. The
electronics and audio/video gear were hidden behind a wood door yet fully operational through the use of a
radio frequency remote control.
The modern look and floating top of this small audio cabinet fit the style of this home beautifully. The frameless
slab wood door easily opened with a push-catch mechanism. Inside the furniture we organized the cable box,
ultra HD 4K blu-ray player, Apple TV, and other accessories needed to drive the system. The rack also provided
storage for spare remote controls.
This customer ordered two small media cabinets; one for each side of a love seat. These cabinets were visible from
both sides of the room so they were fully finished front and back. The fronts of the furniture featured raised
wood panel swing doors while the back of the furniture featured three false drawer fronts. Here you can see the
false drawer fronts which were removable to provide easy access to the back of the electronics. The audio rack
was constructed in oak wood with a dark walnut stain.
Here is the matching media cabinet designed for the other side of the love seat. The raised panel
wood door was used on the front of the furniture. A speaker cloth panel was integrated into the side of the AV cabinet
to house the customers subwoofer. The speaker cloth panel allowed the front and back of the furniture to be identical
but still provide the subwoofer storage the customer needed.
This customer was looking for the perfect solution to organize their remote control and headphones when not in use so
we built them this small media cabinet. The full-extension drawer was great for these electronic accessories while
the lower swing door was used for general storage. The overall look and design of the furniture matched the
entertainment center and media storage drawer cabinets we built for their home theater room.

A Standard Solution; The Munari M-60

All of the solutions shown above are made-to-order. You choose the wood, color, style, and size to ensure the furniture is perfect for your home. In addition to these customized solutions, we offer a standard solution; the Munari M-60. The M-60 is a cost effective alternative to custom as it is produced in melamine and is offered in a standard size and style.

The majority of our small audio/video cabinets are made-to-order allowing you to choose the wood, color, style, and
dimensions that best suit your needs. The Munari M-60, however, is a standard design providing excellent features,
performance, and value. As a standard the M-60 is built in black melamine and features a smoke glass door and
two adjustable shelves. The furniture rides on a hidden wheel system and comes with a removable back panel. You
will be able to quickly and easily load and wire your electronics from the back side. The standard color is black but
other colors are available (see example below).
This is our Munari M-60 audio cabinet in a custom cherry color. It is a great solution when you need a simple and
small option yet desire efficiency and functionality. The Munari M-60 is built on a hidden wheels so it easily rolls
away from the wall where the back panel is removable providing great access to the electronics and cables.
Standard dimensions for Munari M-60 audio cabinet. Dimensions are approximate and may vary slightly.

What Are The Dimensions? What Do They Cost

The Munari M-60 in black melamine is $749 with the standard dimensions shown above. All other solutions are made-to-order in your choice of wood, color, and style. Furthermore, we can customize the dimensions to ensure the furniture fits perfectly in any size space.

Because each custom cabinet is unique, the pricing will vary based on the final design. To receive a free quote please fill out a custom cabinet worksheet or provide us with some basic information:

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• A list of the electronics you’d like to organize inside the furniture
• The basic dimensions you are seeking
• Optional: A picture or two of the room where you plan to place the furniture

For more information, personalized recommendations, or answers to your questions please:

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Post Author: Steve Hartfelder

Steve Hartfelder co-owns Diamond Case Designs, Inc. with his brother Dave. Since 1991 they have specialized in providing fine home theater furniture and electronic solutions.