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Outdoor Televisions: Comparison Outdoor TVs to Indoor TVs
by Steve Hartfelder

Indoor televisions are simply not designed nor warranted for outdoor use. Here are several reasons you should choose a specialized television when placing it outdoors. Photographs are courtesy of SunBrite televisions.

Corrosion Resistance

Outdoor TVs are designed to resist the effects of moisture and salt, to help avoid corrosion

Specialized outdoor TVs feature protected inputs that are designed to resist the harmful effects of moisture and/or salt air.

Dust Resistance

Outdoor TVs have specialized filters that resist tust and can help extend the life of a TV

Specially designed filters are installed on outdoor TVs to protect against dust build up which can clog vents and lead to thermal overload.

Insect Resistance

Sunbrite outdoor TVs feature specialized cases designed to help keep insects out of your TV

Spiderman may be an awesome movie to watch on your TV but you definitely don't want spiders IN your TV. Outdoor TVs feature special exterior cases and filters that help keep bugs out.

Climate Control

Sunbrite outdoor TVs feature a temperature controlled fan system to help the TV operate properly

Sunbrite outdoor TVs feature an internal climate control system. Temperature sensors and a multi-fan system keep the unit cool to protect from heat.

Watertight System

A watertight cable entry system is the ideal way for cables to enter and exit an outdoor TV yet remain protected from the elements.

A unique pass through design provides watertight entry for cables to enter the television protecting them from the elements.

Anti-Glare Panel

Specialized Sunbrite Outdoor TVs feature a unique LCD panel that helps absorb ambient light and resist glare.

Sunbrite outdoor TVs are equipped with LCD panels that have a high haze factor that helps absorb ambient light, making them resistant to glare.

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