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Built-In Entertainment Furniture With a Twist - They Roll!

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Mobile built-in entertainment centers provide easy access for installation and wiring
By, Steve Hartfelder of Diamond Case Designs, Inc.

One of the most common architectural elements of the living room is referred to as an alcove or niche.  These recessed wall areas often prove to be the best location to place a television and home theater electronics.  Possibly the best way to organize these items is in a built-in furniture system.

Built-in entertainment centers are highly desirable because, when done correctly, they completely transform the look and function of the room.  The old hole in the wall is replaced by a beautiful new entertainment center that perfectly fills the niche.

Built-In Entertainment Centers - How To Choose a True Industry Expert

Built-In Furniture System Next To Fireplace
Here is an example of a professional built-in furniture system designed to accommodate a 60" flat panel plasma TV. The furniture is fully mobile on a hidden wheel system so it can easily be rolled in and out of the alcove. Click for a larger view.

As a consumer it is easy to get excited by the prospect of finally filling that ugly hole in the wall and truly enjoying your home theater system.  However, it is just as easy to make a mistake and choose the “wrong” company to construct your furniture. This results in poorly designed cabinets that are difficult to access and impossible to wire. Inadequate storage and poor ventilation are also symptoms of inferior workmanship.

There are scores of builders, contractors, cabinet makers, and closet companies that will offer to build you an entertainment center.  Some of these companies even call themselves "experts". However a wise shopper can quickly see the advantages of working with a true industry professional.

Diamond Case Designs, Inc. is an established expert in the design and construction of both custom free-standing as well as custom built-in furniture.  They are a family owned and operated business providing high-end furniture at reasonable prices since 1991.




Advantages Of Diamond Case Designs, Inc. Built-In Entertainment Centers

Built-In Furniture On Wheels – They Roll!

Entertainment Centers Roll Easily On Hidden Wheel SystemTypical built-in furniture suffers a major flaw; a complete lack of mobility. Most built-in entertainment systems are screwed to the wall forcing the electronics to be wired from the front.  Installation becomes time consuming and cumbersome as each component must be pulled out of the cabinet, turned sideways, connected with extra long cables, and then shoved back into place with the long wires bunching up against one another.  It is common to make cabling errors or have connections pop out of place as components are pulled into and out of the furniture.

Diamond Case Designs, Inc. has solved this problem by offering an industry first: built-in furniture that is completely mobile!

Your custom built-in furniture system will ride on a heavy-duty wheel system discretely hidden behind the base moldings. Our industrial strength polyurethane casters allow the entire furniture system to be rolled into or out of the alcove. Once the furniture is away from the wall, the back panels can be unscrewed for easy equipment access. You are now able to load, wire, and test your electoronics from the back without obstructions. You can use shorter cables, reduce installation time, and increase installation accuracy.

The video to the left illustrates just how easy it is to roll our exclusive mobile built-in entertainment centers away from the wall. As you'll see, we rolled the entire entertainment center in and out of the alcove in less than one minute!
Click video at left for demonstration.

Proper Ventilation - Make Sure Your Electronics Can Breathe!

Understandably general builders and closet companies don’t understand the wiring or heat requirements of today’s electronics. As a result, the furniture these companies design usually provides inadequate dimensions and/or ventilation which can lead to component malfunction or failure.

As experts with current electronics and proper furniture design, Diamond Case Designs, Inc. will work directly with you to suggest the best ventilation solutions for your unique situation.  We can provide an appropriate combination of furniture cut-outs, notches, fan systems, and decorative furniture grills to best keep your electronics at normal operating temperatures.

Click here to read more about some of our fan systems.

High-Capacity Media Storage - Efficient Storage For Music and Movies

High-Capacity media storage drawer on full-extension slidesCommon cabinet companies tend to ignore media storage or provide inefficient plastic media rails. At Diamond Case, we take media storage seriously and realize that many customers have large libraries of movies and music. To that end, we have developed a highly efficient media drawer system designed to organize all sizes & types of media. Our built-in drawers ride on full-extension ball-bearing slides to provide access to the entire depth of the drawer. Internally, we provide an infinitely adjustable system of row dividers so the drawer can be partioned to organize any type of media.

Click here to read more about our exclusive high-capacity media drawers.


Real-wood, Premium Furniture Construction

On top of the design flaws commonly found with generic cabinet and closet companies, they commonly use inferior materials. Often times the cabinets are constructed out of laminated boxes faced with generic overlay doors.

A true furniture expert, Diamond Case uses real wood materials throughout the construction of the furniture.  The entire product is designed from the ground up as fine furniture integrating your choice of color, style, and detail.  We will work closely with you to ensure the overall look and feel of the furniture ehances the beauty and decor of your home. We take pride in building furniture that is as beautiful as it is functional.

"Float" Your Flat Panel - We Can Mount It For You

This photo shows a flat panel plasma TV "floated" within a built-in furniture system.
Click on photo for a larger view.

One of the coolest ways to provide a built-in look for your entertainment center is to “float” your flat panel TV within the furniture.  Flat panel TVs look best when they are removed from their stands and bracket mounted to the furniture system.  This method of mounting truly takes advantage of the flat nature of the TV and provides a clean, sleek, and modern look.

Diamond Case can make the mounting process of your TV extremely easy.  We sell premium brand TV brackets that can be pre-mounted to the furniture prior to delivery.  This ensures an accurate fit and saves valuable on site installation time allowing you to start enjoying your new TV that much sooner.




Electronic Packages Available

To be a true industry expert with home theater furniture, it is imperitive to keep up with the latest electronics and technologies.  Diamond Case Designs, Inc. is a full service electronics dealer.  We are more than happy to put together a custom package of electronics tailored to your needs and budget.  Our prices are very competitive and our knowledge and service is top-notch.  We take care of all of the details down to quality cables and a simple unified remote for easy control by everyone in the family.

Before and After Built-In Examples



How To Design Your Own Built-In Entertainment Center

To receive an estimate for a custom built-in furniture system tailored just for you, please provide:

  • Wall space restrictions - how much space do you have available? What is the height, width, and depth of the recessed area?
  • Electronic needs - in addition to the TV, what other electronics would you like to organize inside?
  • Media storage - would you like storage drawers for CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays, or video games?

The easiest way to organize this information is to fill out our custom cabinet worksheet. Once completed, this worksheet can be e-mailed directly to me ( or faxed to 714-630-8105. Please be sure to put your contact information on the worksheet.

If you have any questions please feel free to call myself, Steve, or my business partner and brother, Dave, toll-free at 800-616-5354.

Diamond Case Designs, Inc. - 655 N. Shepard St. - Anaheim, CA 92806 - (800) 616-5354 -

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