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Recycle that old clunker TV towards the purchase of a new Energystar HDTV!

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Your old Clunker TV may qualify for a recycling credit
By, Dave and Steve Hartfelder of Diamond Case Designs, Inc.

Recycle Your Old TV For Up To $1200 CASHDiamond Case Designs, Inc. has been around for nearly two decades.  We have been fortunate to be able to help many of you with two or three systems.  Over the last few years, we have seen an increase in the number of you swapping out your old analog TVs with new digital TVs.  There is always a question as to what should be done with the old TV.  Inspired by the program offered by the Federal Government for the auto industry, we decided to create a similar program for our customers to assist in this process.

As many of you know, it is not permitted to simply put an old tube TV or rear projection TV in the trash.  Aside from the fact that it is much too large, there are hazardous materials such as lead and phosphorus inside which are harmful if dumped in landfills.  We have partnered with a local company, All Green Electronics Recycling, who accepts old electronics and recycles or repurposes them entirely.  In fact, to ensure the most stringent recycling standards, they have a ZERO landfill policy and do NOT ship any material overseas for processing.  All Green accepts all types of electronic waste or “e-waste”, including cell phones, laptops, computer monitors and printers. 

To encourage responsible recycling we have partnerships with All Green Electronics and select electronics manufacturers to offer credit towards the purchase of new Energystar TVs. Please read below for full program details.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Cash For Clunker TV Recycling EventWhy are you running this program?
Two reasons; to encourage and facilitate responsible electronic recycling and to promote energy efficient digital televisions.

You said a credit, what do you mean?
If you responsibly recycle your old clunker TV, we will offer you a credit towards the purchase of select new Energystar TVs.

How are you able to offer recycling credits? Where is the money coming from?
The recycling credits come from our partnership with the recycling company and select television manufacturers.

How do you determine how much money my trade in TV is worth?
The value of your trade-in depends on what you are purchasing. E-mail us the model number of the TV you would like to purchase. We will let you know if that TV qualifies and what the credit may be. The credit amount can be as little as $50 or as much as a few hundred dollars. Our electronic partners offer the best credits for their premium TV models.

Can I get a credit towards the purchase of any TV? Where can I use the credit?
No. The TV must be part of the recycling program. E-mail the model of the TV you'd like to purchase to find out if it is eligible. This is a private program. The credits must be used at Diamond Case Designs, Inc.

Does the TV have to be working?
No. We accept trade-ins whether they are working or not.

Can I earn multiple credits?
No. You can recycle multiple items but you can only earn one credit towards TV purchased.

I don't want a new TV, I just want to recycle my old TV (or other electronic waste), what do I do?
It is great you want to responsibly recycle your e-waste. Just call an electronics recycling company such as our partner All Green Recycling.

I don't want to purchase a new TV, will you give me cash instead?
No. This program only offers credits for those recycling their old TVs towards the purchase of select new Energystar TVs.

What size TVs are you offering?
We offer TVs of all sizes. However, the credits are typically available for TVs 46" or greater.

I want to trade in a TV but it is too big and too heavy, what do I do?
We can pickup your old TV when we deliver your new TV.

I need additional electronics (not just a TV) and installation services, can you help me?
Absolutely. We would be happy to put together the perfect package of electronics to best suit your needs. And yes, we do offer full installation services including programming a simple all-in-one remote control and personalized customer training. Our goal is to ensure your electronics are hooked up correctly, provide the best possible performance, and are easy to use.

Do you have a showroom?
Yes. We have a fantastic showroom in Anaheim open six days a week. Please feel free to stop by and talk with us personally. Click here for a map to our showroom.

I have more questions, who can I contact?

Diamond Case Designs, Inc. - 655 N. Shepard St. - Anaheim, CA 92806 - (800) 616-5354 -

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